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Adveeso is part of The Senior Companies All Inclusive Senior Service Portfolio which includes:

  • The Senior Podcast Show
  • The Senior Network
  • The Senior Movers

We have Assisted Thousands of Clients over the years, and it became obvious early on, we needed to create and do more to provide an All In One Advisory Service Platform with a Membership Model.

The Concept of Adveeso was Born and worked on extensively in 2018 into 2019 and then we paused when the Pandemic hit. We resumed when we could and officially launched in February of 2023.

Adveeso is a platform for Seniors to enter and then engage into our Full Menu of Services that can span over the entirety of one’s Senior Years.

Our Founder, on the Power of Adveeso.com

Our Advisors become a Friend, Confidant, and your Advocate for many things. Think of us as your new next-door neighbor who is always there to lend a helping hand.

You can share anything about your life. Current Events, your favorite things to do, any challenges you may be having, family dynamics or whatever it may be.

In doing so, we will help Enhance the Quality of your life, Increase Family Unity, provide Ideas for Decision Making and all while helping you save Thousands of Dollars.

Other Common Topics Include:

Maintaining Family Harmony

Nutritional Awareness

Socialization & Engagement

Mobility Solutions

Home Safety Coordination

Access to our Senior Community Living Portfolio of Partners

Cognitive Support

Discharge Planning

Dementia Education & More!

What an incredible Gift Opportunity for you or your beloved Senior.

Become a Member of Club Adveeso and Start Living your Best Senior Life!

Journey in Aging with Adveeso

Join our community and let us help you have peace of mind when making important decisions and while navigating aging.

Become A Member


Become A Member


  • 15 Minute Member Session

    $100 / Session

  • 30 Minute Member Session

    $150 / Session

  • 15 Minute Member Session

    $200 / Session

  • 45 Minute Family Membership* Session

    $250 / Session

*Upto 5 participants


Meet some of our Team!

Paul Burkhardt

Founder & CEO

Chelsea Moreau

Director of Business Operations

Amanda Reisbig

Operations Supervisor

Hailey Henehan

Podcast Host

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